Stand Up or Stand Down!

What good is a Democratically-controlled Congress if they won't oppose the Bush administration's abuse of power? If your senator or representative was elected on the Democratic ticket and isn't doing their part, then maybe it's time for them to hand the reins to a real Democrat. Call or write them now to tell them that their re-election will depend on doing what we voted for them to do.

August 2007: S.1927 - a huge disappointment

aclu position:

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see how your senator voted:
( 6 Democrats didn't vote and 16 actually voted for the bill -- this was enough to have blocked it. )

and how your representative voted:
( 9 Democrats didn't vote and 41 actually voted for the bill -- again, enough to have blocked it. )

here's Senator Feinstein (D-CA)'s lame explanation of why she caved

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